Full List of Talks


A Modern Guide to the Tidyverse Many Models Approach


New Features in R 4.0 & 4.1 and Data Validation using Pointblank

Customer Satisfaction - Reports, Results and Tools


Introduction to dplyr 1.0.0

R Shiny as BI Tool


Advanced Reporting in R


Building a Data Analytics Community


Measuring Domain Satisfaction: The Problem of Domain Importance

The Influence of Trust on Worries about Solitary Death

The Structure of Happiness Across Age: An Empirical Examination of Furuichi’s ‘Happy Youth’ Hypothesis

Happiness Economics: A View from Japan


Observing Unobserved Effect Heterogeneity: The Importance of Domain Importance for Happiness Economics

Disentangling the Happiness Effects of Natural Disasters: The Mitigating Effects of Charitable Donations

Fear of Solitary Death in Japan: Impact Factors and Policy Implications

Activities in Neighborhood Associations in Japan: A Perspective from the Family

Analyzing the link between political participation and happiness: A perspective from Japan

Political Participation and Procedural Utility from a Gender Perspective: Activities in Neighborhood Associations in Japan

Panel discussant, “Does Work Make Us Happy?" (in Japanese)

Loneliness among older people in Japan: A perspective from happiness economics

Subjective Well-Being after 3-11: Japan and beyond

Activities in Neighborhood Associations in Japan: Discovering the Drivers of Procedural Utility

Prospects for Stable and Equitable Growth in Japan and the United States


The Impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake on Happiness, Donations and Volunteer Activities

Happiness in Japan from the Viewpoint of Economics

A German Japanese Comparison of Peoples Happiness and Mental Well-being

Changes in Subjective Well-being and Attitudes in the Aftermath of Nuclear Disasters: A German-Japanese Comparison

Loneliness: The blind spot in happiness economics

Political Participation and Happiness: Japan, the usual outlier?

Unraveling Subjective Happiness in Japan: Different Concepts of Happiness and their Impact on the Overall Happiness Level

A Commentary on: Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake on Japanese People's Worldviews and Subjective Well-Being