Tim Tiefenbach

Senior CX Data Scientist

Hi, I'm Tim!

I am a data scientist working in insurance with a focus on customer satisfaction and customer experience. I enjoy working along the whole data science pipeline. From importing and cleaning data, to creating reports, visualizations and dashboards, to building and training models. While R is my everyday work horse for most jobs, I am getting deeper into python for specific tasks such as NLP.

Before becoming a Data Scientist, I was a post-doc researcher on happiness and life satisfaction in Japan. I have written numerous scientific publications at the intersection of psychology and economics and have presented my research at over 20 international conferences.


  • Statistical models
  • Dataviz and dashboards
  • Machine learning
  • Package development
  • Data wrangling

Work & Education

Latest Post

Using a Data Dictionary to Recode Columns with dplyr

This blog post provides an in-depth tutorial on using dplyr to recode and rename multiple columns across several datasets according to a data dictionary.

More about me

I was born and raised in Wiesbaden, a medium-sized town in proximity to Frankfurt (Germany).


During my Bachelors and through part of my Masters I lived in the beautiful village of Bayreuth, in northern Bavaria, where I studied "Philosophy and Economics". During that time I also spent two and a half years as a research student at the Gakushuin University in Tokyo, where I significantly improved my Japanese language skills, in addition to studying applied economics and statistics.


Returning to Germany I decided to pursue my academic career a little further. I wrote my doctoral thesis on the research program of economics and its most recent critiques (e.g. heterodox economics) and advancements (e.g. happiness economics).


Upon completing my doctorate, I became a post-doc research follow in Japan by a lucky twist of fate. This position allowed me to combine my passion for Japan with my background in statistics and happiness economics.


After becoming a father and with my term as researcher coming to an end, it was a good time to transition from academia to industry, and to relocate back to my hometown Wiesbaden. Here I'm working as a Senior CX Data Scientist in insurance, applying happiness economics to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

About this site

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This website was created using several tools. The core is build on Hugo and an older version of the Academic Theme. This basic setup renders markdown files as HTML. Further, the R package hugodown is used to convert Rmarkdown to markdown files, which powers the blog posts. The web deployment is done via Netlify.

Contact me

If you want to get in touch regarding Data Science, R or anything informal or private: just DM me on or, alternatively, on Mastodon . If it is job-related, connect with me on LinkedIn , there you will also find all work-related information which is missing from this website. For any other formal requests (e.g. invitation as a speaker), please use the contact form below (see our privacy policy for details on how we store your data).

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