Talks & Presentations

Below you find selected talks and presentations on two of my major topics: Data Science and Happiness. During my time as a happiness researcher I enjoyed being a very active speaker (see my full list of presentations). After that a lot happened: I became a father (twice), I transitioned from academia to industry, moved from Japan to Germany, and from happiness research to customer experience and data science. Recently, I started giving talks again, mainly in a work environment, but I welcome any opportunities to speak about Data Science, Statistics and R. Just reach out to me.

Data Science

Talks on Data Science and R

A Modern Guide to the Tidyverse Many Models Approach

New Features in R 4.0 & 4.1 and Data Validation using Pointblank

Customer Satisfaction - Reports, Results and Tools

Introduction to dplyr 1.0.0

R Shiny as BI Tool


Talks on Happiness Research

Measuring Domain Satisfaction: The Problem of Domain Importance

Observing Unobserved Effect Heterogeneity: The Importance of Domain Importance for Happiness Economics

Disentangling the Happiness Effects of Natural Disasters: The Mitigating Effects of Charitable Donations

Panel discussant, “Does Work Make Us Happy?" (in Japanese)